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Love in the Time of Internet

Posted by Jason

It amazes me how I’ve become TOTALLY dependent on the internet for almost anything—from tips on how to bake a cake, to how to hold my breath underwater for more than 3 minutes—name it, I’ve probably Googled it. It’s clear that the internet has changed my life for the better. Alas, if “better” means saying goodbye to singlehood by finding love online—then so be it!

Online dating sites have gained popularity over the past couple of years, as more and more users relentlessly search for their “one true love” with a little help from good, old internet. Though I have been cynical about these online dating sites for quite some time now, they have never failed to stimulate my curiosity. My curiosity was heightened even more when a friend of mine confessed that she has a date with a guy she met online. My initial reaction—“You have got to be kidding me!”. But, as it turns out, she was not. So just for the sake of fun(and friendship), I’ve decided to give online dating a try.

How it Works 

Online dating is similar to your favourite social network sites. It works like this: you create a profile, you add information that will let you stand out among thousands of women in your age group looking for love, you say funny and nice things, you wait for someone to message you(or the other way around if you’re feeling more aggressive which is always okay), and wait for the magic to happen. Now, all these may sound too easy just by looking at it, but my social experiment proved that online dating can be quite complicated.

Why? What could possibly go wrong in a simple yet tried-and-tested formula that only needs an interesting profile and a decent photo in order to work?!”, you may ask.

Well, I tried out online dating just for 2 weeks. I have to admit that it was quite exciting at first—I got to meet new people; and I felt my self-esteem climbing off the charts every time I see the increasing number on my message inbox every day. Sure, online dating allows you to connect with people who show a particular interest in you—but this “interest” can only be based on 2 things—yes, a profile page and a photo. It all seems superficial, and more importantly—predictable. Besides, winning a girl's heart only through profiles and photos is quite impossible.

Getting Personal

I guess online dating isn’t really for me because I need human interaction(proper, if I may add) in order for my relationships to work(whether romantic, or friendly). Online dating can be deceiving, too—not a lot are lucky because with the internet, who would ever know who is being real and who is being fake? I’ve read that a small percentage of happy couples met each other online, so don’t take every word I say here as means for you to give up on online dating as a whole. Though it may not be suitable for everyone, it’s always worth a shot, especially when love is on the line.

As for me, falling in love only happens when you've been together physically. There are no walls between you. I've found this wonderful blog article and I'm sold.

For the meantime, I’m going to try and bake a cake and try to look for love in the real world. Me baking a cake is a different story, but I'd rather do that instead of trying my luck in dating online :-D

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