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Beat the Boredom!

Posted by Jason

Hello, readers! This morning I woke up and spent a lot of minutes lying down on my bed before getting up than usual—it seems that boredom has decided to take control over me. It’s probably a Monday curse—but of course, one has to beat boredom and just get on with life. Get on with life I did, and two cups of coffee later I am ready for the world and erased life’s boredom immediately.

YawnI wish I can also say that 2 cups of coffee is the solution to kick the boredom out of a relationship—unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Boredom and routine quickens a relationship’s life span, so if you have decided that the girl you are seeing as of the moment is for keeps, you better find a way to spice up your dating techniques so that the both of you won’t be bored, making your relationship last a little longer each day.

Dates Doesn’t Always Involve a Cup of Coffee and Food.

Of course, first dates are important—you want for it to be a good experience for both you and your partner. Usually, a first date’s setting would be a fancy restaurant, a high-end brunch café, or even at the theatres. But remember, once you’ve hit that level wherein the both of you are enjoying each other’s company and are on to your sixth date, it’s about time to shake things up and try to do some fun things together. I’m sure that by now, you have a fair idea on how your date defines fun, so make sure you plan out a day or an evening of fun-filled activities that would keep the two of you occupied. Go to amusement parks, a basketball game(if you’re lucky enough to have a date who’s into sports), play paintball, skate—the possibilities are endless.

Avoid routine.

Routine has always been a number one killer of relationships. Flirting with your partner is also good, too. You should know how to flirt with a girl so that you'll keep the spark going. Make sure that your dating lifestyle doesn’t have a fixed schedule—make time for changes and a few surprises. Your date would definitely appreciate a small surprise now and then, so don’t be afraid to do surprise her with an unplanned office visit or a small kind gesture of bringing her lunch at work.

Invest on Romantic Getaways.

Yes, every woman would love to go out on a holiday or two. If you feel like your relationship has taken the off-beat path of wine and dine every night, why not plan a holiday for the both of you? Exploring a new place together is always a great way for the both of you to get to know each other.The experience will make you become close as a couple. A quick vacation, like a beach getaway, is a great way to shake up your relationship. Remember, she will always appreciate you going out of your way by planning a holiday as a gift for her—so make sure you find the time and put an effort to do nice things for her.

Sand and Feet

Be Boredom-Free!

Relationships can be quite tricky and unpredictable. Boredom has its way of making relationships fall, but if you know how to liven things up for you and your partner, you’d be sure that you’re heading on to the right direction. Keep boredom out of the relationship to make it live!

Til next time,
Jason :)

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